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Here is what some of the people I’ve worked with are saying:

"While searching for an editor to work with me on my picture book manuscript, I came across Simone Kaplan's website. The Picture Book People home page was very welcoming and in a sense, reassuring to someone like me who has yet to be published.

"I hold a Master's degree in Creative Writing for Children, and I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful authors, illustrators, agents and publishers. What I needed, what I have now that I am working with Simone, was someone beside me. Simone is more than just there every step of the way – she actively and creatively pushes my writing forward, helping it to evolve into something I didn’t even know it could become. With Simone’s gentle, yet honest guidance, thoughts and ideas are somehow nurtured and shaped into words and sentences. And with her help, the story you always intended to tell is brought to life.

“Although an unpublished writer, I am a writer, nonetheless, and every author is a writer first. As such, I feel extremely privileged to work with Simone, and I am learning more about the craft of writing each time I put pen to paper. I look back on each consultation we have had with a sense of accomplishment and personal growth, and I look forward to what the future will bring.

“Simone has my deepest gratitude and my utmost admiration. ”

- Jessica Coriat, Writer

"I was a struggling writer, just getting started, and I was looking for someone to help me polish my manuscript. I needed more than a brief comment about one or two points in my story.

"A published writer in our local SCBWI group referred me to Simone Kaplan at Picture Book People. Ms. Kaplan’s comments, suggestions, and encouragement improved my story tenfold. I am a more confident writer. My story is now an exciting and coherent manuscript, ready to be sent out into the publishing world.

"Ms. Kaplan not only helped me with this current manuscript, but the improvements to this story have led to an increased level of professionalism in all of my writing. I have taken what she taught me and incorporated it into my other projects. In a short period, I have learned mountains of basic writing skills thanks to the patient, kind tutelage of Simone Kaplan. "

- Alice Brock

"I have been writing children's books for many years, and I've written quite a few of them. But I can honestly say that the person who really taught me how to write picture books for very young children was Simone Kaplan.

One of my favorite publishing memories is the day I visited Simone in her office at HarperCollins to discuss an idea for a manuscript about kids getting bumps and bruises, the fourth picture book I hoped to write for the Growing Tree line. I jotted down some verses, and Simone made suggestions. I sat in her office for two hours, writing, rewriting, showing her the stanzas, and garnering her comments about specific words, meter, and flow, but also about the genuine emotions kids feel, something with which she is deeply in touch. By the end of those two hours, Boo Hoo Boo-Boo! was a book, thanks to my inestimable editor, Simone Kaplan!"

 ~ Marilyn Singer
Author of City Lullaby, Clarion, 2007,
and many others

"As an artist’s representative since 1980 and as someone responsible for initiating over 25 book deals in my career, including the largest deal for a first-time author in Simon & Schuster’s history (a 7 book deal across two divisions), it is with the greatest of joy and ease to write a letter on behalf of Simone Kaplan.

Simone had invited me up to HarperCollins in 2001, wanting to see the work of one artist I represented in particular. She was thoroughly professional and genuinely interested throughout the meeting, and asked if there was anyone else that I thought might work for the book she had in mind. Luckily, I had brought samples of other artists, and fortunately for me, she responded highly favorably to one of them, James Yang.  So favorably, that a week later she called me up and had a manuscript she thought would be perfect for Yang.

She was the first person in all of my 15 years representing Yang who had the vision to see the possibilities of using his highly corporate and editorial art style for children’s books. This impressed me beyond words. And when the final art was submitted, we were all happily surprised. Yang’s art turned out to be perfect for the book. This was the first sign of genius I saw in Simone.

Simone Kaplan is a rarity in today’s world. She is truthful to a fault, nurturing, and a person of her word (the highest qualities any human can possess in my book). When you are speaking to Simone, she makes you feel as though you are the only person in the world, and she is a great listener. It is obvious meeting her, even for the first time, that she has attained so much wisdom and is an authority on the subject of children’s books and publishing. In a word this is a person I unconditionally trust, as I know her comments always reflect her true beliefs, and the truth, which I seriously heed.

I am in awe of Simone in many ways, and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know her over the years. You can take what she says to the bank. May she touch your life the same way she has touched mine."

 ~ David Goldman, Agent

"Simone is a rare person who knows how to put the right talent together.  When she first commissioned me to be an artist for the book, "Build it Up and Knock it Down", the text was so perfect to the way I worked the images just flowed.  This experience inspired me to write my own stories and Simone went above and beyond what I would have expected with her insight with her help to get numerous book offers for my first book.  She was very much a guardian angel for me."

~ James Yang. Author/Illustrator of Joey and Jet, Atheneum Books, 200 and others.

"Simone Kaplan is one of those rare editors who gets in the trenches with you by not only offering suggestions, but by finding solutions to the rough patches and places in your picture book manuscript.  When Simone works with a writer, she is in their corner all the way, working diligently to get the job of good writing and storytelling done, Working with Simone through the years has been a complete joy for me as well as many lucky authors.  Armed with Simone's solid advice, you will come away with a new confidence, and a true feeling of accomplishment.  I highly recommend tapping into Simone's knowledge of, and love for, the picture book."

Not only is Simone warm and engaging, but, you will find, extremely focused and attentive to the project at hand."

~ Rebecca Kai Dotlich. Author of Mama Loves.HarperCollins, 2004. Away We Go! HarperCollins, 2000. and many others

"Have you ever attended a writer’s conference mostly to have a 15 minute manuscript critique with an editor? What if you could have a 60 minute conference with an experienced, insightful, and supportive picture book editor? For less money than the cost of attending a typical conference?  And without leaving your home?

If you’re a picture book author who is serious about developing your craft, you may have shelves filled with writing books that you’ve collected over the years.  You may have enrolled in college writing classes and attended workshops and conferences. Chances are, if you’re like most aspiring authors, the one thing that you haven’t managed is to get enough individual attention from a real live editor.

An editor who will take the time to understand YOUR vision.  An editor who has the experience to help you find the best path in a crowded marketplace. An editor who will applaud the high points in your work, help you fix the low points, and bring you to the next level.  An editor-midwife who will help you give birth to the very best manuscript that you can.

Simone Kaplan is all this and more – a delightful, caring human being. If you choose to take the next steps down your writing path alongside Simone, you’ll not only learn a great deal – you’ll not only wind up with a much stronger manuscript – but you’ll thoroughly enjoy the whole tour. 

It's hard to describe exactly the magic that Simone works.  But I came away from our consultation with a new set of eyes; a new way of looking at my manuscript that would help me improve not only that particular story but every manuscript to come. Simone is what every editor ought to be:  warm, encouraging, inspiring – and determined (in the nicest way possible) to pull out of her authors the very best writing of which they are capable."

 ~ Sarah Hager. Author of Dancing Matilda. HarperCollins, 2005

"Simone Kaplan is an excellent editor of children’s books. I’ve worked with her on a number of books and have always appreciated her sensitivity to words, to children, and to pictures.  She can discuss both the whole and the parts of a book brilliantly and clearly.  If you’re wondering what her accent is, it’s South African. I’ve always especially appreciated this accent when she would say to me (who was being stubborn at the moment), “Well, would you please just give it a try.”  I always would, eventually, give it a try, and so often, Simone was right.  That’s an editor for you."

~ Jean Marzollo. Author of Mama, Mama and Papa, Papa. HarperCollins,1997, the award-winning, best-selling I Spy books,
and many others

"Simone is one of the most intuitive and passionate editors I have ever worked with.  I have thirty books with over a million copies in print and my favorite is Under The Big Sky, a book Simone edited while she was working at HarperCollins.  Simone understands picture books like no-one else I know in the industry.  She has the unique ability of being able to take a book from conception to completion without compromising her incredibly high standards.  She knows how to marry words and pictures seamlessly.   I hope I am lucky enough to work with Simone again and again."

~ Trevor Romain.  Author of Under the Big Sky. HarperCollins, 2001 and many others


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